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Welcome to Seven Days

Serving freshly prepared American-style food seven days a week, year-round. Stop in and try one of our signature dishes that are made with love by our team.


593 Main Street, Dennis, MA 02638
▪ 7 Days a week
6:30AM – 9:00PM
(508) 258-0369

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We’re working on our bar but until its ready we’ve got you covered. Bring a bottle of your favorite adult beverage, we’ll provide the glasses and ice.

About Seven Days

Three friends with big dreams that worked in the restaurant industry for over twenty-five years.

Opening our own restaurant had forever remained a cherished aspiration. Hence, we embarked on a quest to find the perfect location. Throughout this pursuit, various names for our restaurant emerged. Then, during a regular workday, Orville messaged Ramone & Paula proposing the name “Seven Days Restaurant,” accompanied by a logo. The moment we laid eyes on it, exhilaration swept over us, and in unison, we enthusiastically exclaimed, “Absolutely! That’s the one!” With unwavering affection for the name, Seven Days Restaurant came into existence as a result of this very moment.

  • We are very passionate about cooking for our customers.
  • We use the finest and freshest ingredients to create highest quality meals.
  • It’s very satisfying when customers come up to say how much they enjoyed their meal.

Good Food  Good Mood

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 593 Main Street, Dennis, MA 02638

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(508) 258-0369

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